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Unity Ceremonies

Candle unity ceremony

This ceremony is symbolic - the couple holds a lit candle and together they light a single candle which is representative of their readiness to move through life together as one.

family Candle unity ceremony

This ceremony has the couple and each of their children (depending on age) holding lit candles and together they light a single candle which is representative of their family coming together as one. 

sand blending unity ceremony

The couple has selected their own individual colour of sand. Into an empty clear container, the couple pores the two different coloured sands together to symbolically represent the joining of the couple or their families.

handfasting unity ceremony

This ceremony is spiritual and ancient ritual that involves the couple's hands being bound together buy ribbon or cord to symbolize they're joining in marriage.

rose unity ceremony (Couple or couple and children)

This ceremony involves the passing of a rose to each other or to the children as a symbol of love.

rose unity ceremony (parents)

This ceremony has the couple each provide their respective Mother with a rose and a thank you for getting them to this point. This can be adapted to include both parents or grandparents.

wine and letter time capsule ceremony

For this ceremony, the couple writes one another a love letter detailing why they fell in love and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. These are placed into a time capsule along with a bottle of wine and two wine glasses (optional). The box is then sealed. On the couple’s fifth wedding anniversary the time capsule is to be opened.

water blending ceremony

As an alternative to the unity candle ceremony, water blending is great for Waterfront ceremonies. This beautiful and meaningful ceremony pours two different vials of coloured water together as a symbolic gesture of joining the couple or joining their families.

hand washing CEREMONY

Starting their marriage fresh and clean, the couple washes each other's hands, displaying their willingness to wash away past hurts. Showing their commitment to take care of each other, they dry each other's hands professing their enthusiasm to provide small kindnesses for their partner.

tree planting CEREMONY

Marriage is similar to the different parts of a tree. This ceremony allows you to watch the tree as it grows over the years and provides you with a physical memory of your wedding ceremony while making a commitment to the future.

Bubble blessing CEREMONY

This ceremony takes place outdoors with your guests flanking each side of the aisle holding their bottle of bubbles. They are instructed to make a wish for the newly married couple and as the couple walks past, they make their wish and blow bubbles into the air surrounding the newly wed couple.

Ring Warming CEREMONY

During the ceremony, your wedding bands are passed around to your guests to surround them with love and warm wishes before they surround each of your fingers.

whiskey tasting CEREMONY

Making whiskey requires a lot of hard work, aging and love. If not cared for properly, it can all disappear. Your relationship is much like the making of whiskey. This unique ritual gives you an opportunity to share a drink and a moment to reflect on how your relationship has grown. Cheers to where you're heading and keeping the bottle safe well into your marriage.


At some point, you are likely to have a disagreement. For this box, the couple writes a love letter to each other, grabs something memorable from their first date and puts a few tissues inside. This box will remind you of the love you share when you hit a bump in the road on your journey through life together.

Wine pouring CEREMONY

Your lives together are unique. Blend them together with a bottle of red and a bottle of white!

painting CEREMONY

The couple paint a canvas during the ceremony. The couple's relationship is represented by the blank canvas and each member of the couple's family is represented by a colour of paint. As the paint is poured onto the canvas, it flows together and is representative of the blending of their lives, including any changes made by them joining in matrimony. The result is a masterpiece the Picasso's can display in their home.

candy blending CEREMONY

Kids love this! Instead of blending sand, celebrate the different "flavours" of your family by blending candy. The candy jar isn't the same without everyone.


Rehearsal Wedding ceremony

If you want to ensure that everyone knows where they need to be and what they need to do on your special day, this is a thorough and complete rehearsal of your wedding ceremony.

Renewal of Vows

Renewal of Vows ceremony

Couples who were unable to have their wedding as originally planned due to the pandemic or those who are reaching a milestone and wanting to celebrate that special anniversary, may consider renewing their vows. This is an opportunity to reunite and celebrate an incredibly special moment.



In the event the venue is more than 50 km from the office (Tecumseh, Ontario), there will be an additional $0.59 per km charge (Round trip - Office to Venue and back to Office)



Deposits are non-refundable and are required to officially book the date.  The balance is due 2 weeks before the event or sooner.

** In the event your wedding date has to be rescheduled due to municipal Covid-19 restrictions, we will work with you to reschedule your ceremony to a mutually agreeable date and time. **

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